What states are you available in and When will you be expanding into other markets?

Right now we are just taking pre-orders in the NYC area, but if you’d like to find out when we opening up orders to your neighborhood, just sign up to be notified.

When will I be charged for my pre-order?

You won’t be charged until your order ships. You’ll notice a $0.01 charge and refund on your card - this is just a way that our credit card processor, Celery, confirms the credit card you provided is valid.

Where can I get the Beer Base?

Due to U.S. alcohol restrictions, we cannot legally include the beer base in the kit. Once the product ships, you’ll be able to visit this site for a direct link to our delivery partner’s site to order the beer base. Our delivery partner is great, and they’ll deliver your beer in under an hour. You’ll be building your first WHYM beer in no time!

Where do I get ingredient (hops, adjuncts, etc.) refills?

Our delivery partner is where you’ll go to get get everything you need to make more WHYM beer. Order refill items online and have them delivered to your door in under an hour. Once the product ships, you’ll be able to visit this site for a direct link to our delivery partner’s site to order these items quickly and easily. You can shop there by recipe (ordering everything you need to make our Lemon Shandy in just one click) or a la carte for easy experimentation.

Do you deliver to P.O. boxes?

At this time we do not ship to P.O. boxes.

Is there tracking information?

Once your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information.

Is shipping free?



How many styles can I brew?

We have 4 starter recipes, but the number of styles are literally limitless when you think of all the ingredients that you can experiment with. Once you have a new recipe, we encourage you to share it on our Facebook Page so that others can enjoy as well.

Does it get made with yeast? What kind?

The Beer Bases are made with our proprietary strain of yeast and we assure you that it is definitely part of the Beer Base brewing process.

How does it get carbonated?

The last step of any recipe is the carbonation. You do this right before conditioning it in a dark cool place like your fridge for 24 hours.

Why isn’t my beer carbonating?

First check and see if there is still pressure being held in the vessel. If it is all pressurized when you leave it for the night and it is still not carbed up in 24 hours then there are few thigns you can check:

Check that the cap is on tight

Don’t over tighten the lid, but make sure no CO2 is escaping out of the cap

Make sure you are using a fresh CO2 cartridge

It seems obvious, but make sure you don’t reuse a cartridge even if you think that there might be some left in it.

How long does it take to make a recipe?

If you are experimenting on your own it takes no time at all to modify one of the included recipes and make it your own. You might want to try a few variations over the course of a week to figure out just the right amount of ingredients to dial up and down flavors.

How much beer does one recipe / batch make?

Each vessel holds 64 oz. but taking into account a bit of boil off during the process, you should get a little under a six pack of beer when it is finished carbonating.


Can I order replacement parts?

Yep, just shoot us a message through our Contact Form.

Are the parts included dishwasher safe?

The WHYM Growler, Steeping Vessel and Funnel are all dishwasher safe.

Please DO NOT put the Carbonation Cap, Funnel Strainer or Thermometer in the dishwasher. They will be damaged and not function as intended.


If there is no fermentation, where does the alcohol come from?

There is fermentation, but that comes during the brewing of the Beer Base before you even get it. We take care of the heavy lifting by creating a set of uniquely designed Beer Base that you can build almost anything from. Each Beer Base has already fermented out and the alcohol is part of it. All you need to do is add it to your creation when the recipe says so.

How much alcohol is the finished beer?

Since the WHYM kit is meant to be played around with, ABV will vary depending on what beer bases you use, and in what combination. Each base has ABV as follows:

Medium Amber Beer Base - 4.3% ABV
Golden Pale Beer Base - 5.4% ABV
Unfiltered Wheat Beer Base - 5.2% ABV

Combining bases of varying ABVs will impact the ABV of the finished beer.

With no yeast in the process, are we losing any of the flavor that this adds to the beer?

We completely understand your concern and would have the same. Fortunately, there is no reason to worry since yeast is a part of the process used to create the Beer Base. Just think of it as going through the normal brewing steps, but the beer is just put in cans right before it is carbonated. All the complex flavors that yeast add to the beer will be present, plus those from flavor additions during the process.

Does it matter what kind of water I use?

Tap water is a’ok - the calcium chloride tablets will help neutralize any off flavors from tap water. Of course, the cleaner and more pure water you use, the better.

Do I have to use WHYM Beer Base to use the WHYM kit?

WHYM is designed to make you the master of making great tasting beer. WHYM beer base is the foundation of the system. Using any liquid that isn’t designed for the kit will result in unpredictable results, so we definitely recommend using WHYM Beer Bases that have been specially formulated for recipe starters.

Can I use my own ingredients?

Yes! Your kit will come with the ingredients to make your first recipe, and you can buy subsequent ingredient packs from us. But WHYM is ultimately designed to let you experiment - berries, pumpkin, wasabi...add them in and let us know how it goes!

What are the nutritional facts for the beers I can brew?

Every beer you make with your WHYM is as unique as you and what you choose to put in it. Chocolate, chili peppers, coriander - whatever you dream of, you can drop it in here. Because of that, the nutritional info is variable. But here’s the scoop on the Beer Bases:


Do you offer returns?

Kits can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. To return, the item should be in like-new condition and all product packaging (such as boxes) must be returned with the item. Products without all applicable tags are not acceptable for return.

To initiate a return, you must call 1-800-622-2257 or email info@whymkit.com. On a valid cancellation, we will refund you the cost of the kit including any taxes paid. You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping and delivery of the product.

Is there a warranty for the system?


I have more questions. Where can I get help?

Email: info@whymkit.com


Post your questions on our Facebook Page and we’ll be sure to answer. This will also help us share knowledge with the WHYM community.

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